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One of the strategic objectives of the industrial initiative of the SET Plan on wind energy is to reduce cost of energy by improving reliability of wind turbines and their components and optimizing operation and maintenance (O&M) strategies. Increasing reliability and optimizing O&M have a direct impact on the availability of wind turbines and thus reduce cost and increase energy output. This strategy considerably contributes to making wind energy fully competitive. This is particularly evident in the offshore sector, where O&M represents a high percentage of total costs.

腾博会娱乐官方网105 will contribute to the achievement of this goal by proving training in the context of doctoral programmes for 14 researchers in multi-disciplinary area of future generation of Offshore Wind Turbines (OWT) engineering focusing on issues having a major impact on the mechanical loading of OWT and which are still not sufficiently understood.

腾博会娱乐官方网官方is a complex energy...

MARE-WINT Book released: MARE-WINT...腾博会娱乐官方网ios软件

posted on 腾博会娱乐官方网地址在线 September, 2016

This book provides a holistic, interdisciplinary overview of offshore wind energy, and is a must-read for advanced researchers. Topics, from the design and analysis of future turbines, to the...More腾博会娱乐官方网代理下载

South Baltic Center of Offshore...腾博会娱乐官方网在线官方

posted on 腾博会娱乐官方网官方 September, 2015

Institute of Fluid Flow Machinery PASci in Gdansk is the initiator of  the establishment of South Baltic Center of Offshore Wind Energy, acronym “BALTECO”. Purpose of the Center is to become a...More腾博会娱乐官方网注册下载

Opening of the Energy Conversion...腾博会娱乐官方网二维码安卓

posted on 腾博会娱乐官方网手机官网 September, 2015

New Energy Conversion and Renewable Energy Research Centre of The Szewalski Institute of Fluid-Flow Machinery, Polish Academy of Sciences has been opened on the 17th September, 2015. The Centre is...More腾博会娱乐官方网官网ios

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Offshore Wind Farms - From Planning...腾博会娱乐官方网软件平台

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5th MARE WINT / EuroTech Technical Workshop / Training Course. Monday 21st - Friday 25th September 2015 Held jointly at WMU—Malmö, Sweden & DTU Wind Energy—Roskilde, Denmark.More腾博会娱乐官方网

MareWint project workshop腾博会娱乐官方网官网地址

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The MareWint project, has been supported by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme, provides training in the context of doctoral programmes for 14 researchers in multi-disciplinary...More腾博会娱乐官方网代理ios